Cinquin Lab

Olivier Cinquin

I trained in mathematics, computer science and engineering, and biochemistry. I explored theoretically and experimentally various aspects of development and cell differentiation during my CoMPLEX PhD in Claudio Stern’s lab, at University College London. I then decided to focus on a specific experimental model of cell differentiation. I looked for a model that would be simple and well characterized, so that there would be some hope of understanding it in the short term, but that would also be sufficiently complex, so that it would be of broad relevance to more difficult problems such as human stem cells. I chose the C. elegans germ line and its three-way differentiation switch between mitosis, meiosis to sperm, and meiosis to oocyte. I joined Judith Kimble’s lab at UW Madison, and asked what organ-level mechanism controls differentiation (see here for a review). I will continue this work at UC Irvine, with both experimental and theoretical approaches.